Family Konnect  Programs

Educational Programs (CLUBS)

Family Konnect programming is focused towards empowering adolescents with a framework for success. We educate teens about what it means to be part of the family, nurture permanent and family connections, demonstrate youth permanency is doable with special case management services empowering the youth and supporting the family.

Family Konnect programming additionally serves teens and young adults, and adults with intellectual disabilities life skills through techniques based in components to person center their needs. We work in stages at their ability and tailor programming to better serve their needs, pictorial, hands on, and demonstration.

Family Konnect mission is "Empowerment" for all participants. We believe in youth, and families, becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and creating their own dwellings (goals). Focus on programming that builds social inclusion. Our in -Home services are person centered, coached, demonstrated, hands-on, and positively re-reinforced meeting individuals at where they are. Our goal is to provide intensive, individualized services and supports to families that will allow children, youth to live and continue to grow up in a safe, stable, permanent family environment. For individual's desiring to live independently can do so with wrap around community supports. 


Become A Connector

Strengthen meaningful connections with youth who are not immediate members of their permanent families.Youth may be greatly assisted by creating and maintaining connections with caring adults as they potentially transition out of foster care and into independent living situations

Our Community Base Services

Our programs move youth from dependence of childhood to the interdependence of adulthood. We address permanency, and participants are given the opportunity to tell their story at their current stage of life through their personal interpretation.

​Participants develop their individual treatment plans and future goals by mapping their lives in collage, pictures and vocal expression. They are then able to integrate the information from education modules on life skills, relationships and family/community into comprehensive permanency plans.

Educational classes’ facilitated at Family Konnect are in a group setting with other participants allowing relationship development. Participants will have the opportunities for education, hands on experience with participation at the center through demonstration, role-play, practicing real situations, telling their stories and experiences, and learning new experiences amongst peers for social interaction and similar difficulties. 


Family Konnect provides Family Sucess Workshop for Parents & Guardians: These classes are facilitated by Family Konnect’s certified facilitator based on 40 Developmental Assets promoted by Parenting Partners. Family Konnections Workshop for Youth: educating teens about what it means to be part of family and preparing them for permanent family connections. The Club 1.8 works to: Jumpstart adolescents in both permanence and self-sufficiency, in other terms financial management, job readiness and life skills. The Club Destiny works to:  Encourage girls and young women to find and express themselves. The Club Boys to Men works to:  Include confidence-building exercises and discussions about the relationship between self-image, self-talk, and behavior.

Family Konnect Events create venues where youth can interact with adults who may serve as connections and positive role-models.

*If you have a desire to support an aging out youth or an individual with Intellectual Disabilites with a permanency connection (mentor or follow-along) service, apply above at "Connector" button. 

​Community Collaborations will identify and secure resources needed to support best staff practices on youth permanence and advocate for resources to ensure post-permanency services to youth and their connections. Community Partners voluntarily will demonstrate skills at the events to educate attendee’s alongside youth.

Family Konnect provides community inclusion, in which skills learned can be implemented and demonstrated in everyday life, and accessed within the community they reside in. To encourage relationship building, resources available, and natural supports. 

*We tailor services for those with Intellectual Disabilities whose goals are to develop or increase daily living skills. We are able to provide social/community inclusion, HPC, NMT, Community transportation, pending-residential (respite) home services, ALL services are based to decrease paid services, and empower independence within a maximum span year, unless negotiated. i.e. NMT plan to use community transportation, residential to decrease supervision to live independently, Respite (no-ling-term) for emergencies. Home based services to increase independence for daily living and sociability. We encourage wrap-around supports and developing natural supports. (Please note prior to referrals)


Home-Based Community Services




"Nobody Can Go Back and Start a New Beginning, but Anyone Can Start Today and Make a New Ending~Maria Robinson

Family Konnect is a 501 (c)3, as well as has a sister LLC. We recognize ALL Community Partners, Collaborators and Contractors. At this time we are in pending status to Bill Medicaid and Private Insurance in the State of Ohio, as well as HCBS contracts, license DODD, and grant funding. Update Status by March 2017

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